April 2015. Picture yourself, a young recent college graduate, just started working, making a decent salary, and suddenly you’re told some of the hardest words you will ever hear:   “You have Kidney Failure.”   Up until that moment, I thought I had ulcers or food poisoning, but Kidney failure? […]

Martin’s campaign video

My name is Martin, I’m 22 years old. My life drastically changed when I became sick three years ago, my body started swelling (retaining fluid) and I was rushed to my local county hospital. There the doctor referred me to a bigger hospital (Mbagathi Hospital) Where I went for an […]

Transplant Education

Transplant Education Kenya is a social enterprise that raises the awareness on public awareness of organ, eye, and tissue donation—and encourage others to sign up to save lives. Here, you’ll find free materials designed to be shared with others, along with links to donation and transplant organizations offering more information. Learn […]